ATAG Commercial Boilers provide lesson in economics at keele university


When Keele University decided to replace the heating and hot water systems servicing their IC1 and IC2 science blocks, the key criteria for the new systems were energy efficiency, low emissions and reliability, while achieving the lowest lifetime costs. They selected ATAG XL boilers supplied by ATAG Commercial and installed by main contractors for the work, Climate Heating & Plumbing Services Ltd.

There are two ATAG installations at Keele; at IC1 comprising three XL140 and one XL70 in a back-to-back cascade configuration linked to a standard cylinder, also supplied by ATAG, and at IC2 comprising three XL110 boilers linked to an ATAG solar cylinder.

There are three models in the XL range with outputs of 65.4kW, 105kW and 130.9kW and these can be configured in multiples of up to 8 units to give a maximum output of 960kW.

Keele is the UK’s largest integrated campus occupying a 617 acre estate, the central feature of which is the 19th century Keele Hall. The University’s position as a leading university for research of world leading and of international standard was confirmed by the UK-wide Research Excellence Framework (REF)2014, which found that 97% of Keele’s research is classified as world leading and of international importance.


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