Apprenticeship framework targets needs

The new Building Products apprenticeship framework is directly targeted at the skills needs of employers according to Andy Rotherham, Building Products Industry Lead at Proskills, the Sector Skills Council for the process and manufacturing sector The new apprenticeship framework covers a wide range of areas within the building products industry, including the manufacture of concrete, cement and abrasive products, and is directly targeted at the skills needs of employers.

Andy says: “The combination of new consumer demands, changing working practices and on-going technological development are making the industry more competitive than ever, a context in which skills and technical expertise take on real importance. Reducing its carbon footprint and improving sustainability will be particularly crucial to the future of the buildings products industry, as will further improvements in health, safety and environmental issues.

Skills analysis 

“These areas are addressed under the new apprenticeship framework, which is based on rigorous analysis of the skills needs of buildings products companies, who report gaps in a number of areas, including the process, managerial and skilled trades groups. The development of an accredited framework will help ensure that targeted, relevant training is available to address these gaps and help employees develop the skills that will drive industry forward.   

“By highlighting the importance of training and making the building products industry’s case for funding to develop the skills of the workforce, Proskills is helping companies prepare for a future in which skills and technical knowledge will be crucial to commercial success. In the current financial climate many companies are understandably keen to keep costs down, but they also need to invest in training if they are to thrive in the modern marketplace.”

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