Another award winner from Theben

Theben’s PlanoCentro Presence Detector lies virtually flat on a ceiling and has won one of Europe’s most prestigious design awards. Established in 1953, the iF Product Design Award attracts entries from across the globe and this win for Theben will make the PlanoCentro the Presence Detector of choice.

The PlanoCentro combines its good looks with superb functionality. Unobtrusive as it is, it offers a complete range of options to enable integrators to control heating, lighting and other systems in response to presence and ambient lighting in a building or zone. Lights will only turn on if there is someone in the area and ambient conditions mean that they will need artificial light. The constant light control function means that lighting is dimmed up and down in response to the lux level required in the zone.

The PlanoCentro’s square 360 degrees detection range covers an area of up to 100sq m and the square detection field makes planning coverage in a building without gaps in the detection field easy.

Sensitivity, time delays and brightness thresholds can all be adjusted, and there is a choice of surrounds to satisfy even the most particular interior designer.

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