An all-in-one sensing solution

Distech Controls is pleased to introduce six new models of the Allure EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensors, featuring integrated CO2 and motion sensors.

The Allure EC-Smart-Vue Communicating Sensors are designed to interface with the BACnet ECB Series and LONWORKS ECL Series controllers. They feature a backlit display and icon-driven menu and provide a variety of public functions that can be accessed by room occupants, as well as password protected functions for technicians.

The four-in-one communicating sensor reduces time and installation costs and offers additional energy savings, supporting occupancy-based control strategies for HVAC and lighting.

New Integrated CO2 Sensor:

• Reduce building operating costs by implementing demand control ventilation, reducing building over-ventilation, and avoiding conditioning outdoor air unnecessarily

• Maintain indoor air quality

New Integrated Motion Sensor:

• Save substantial amounts of energy by automatically adjusting temperature setpoints (temperature offset) and lighting (on/off) when an office, meeting room, classroom or other space is unoccupied

Four-in-One Communicating Room Sensor:

• Save time and costs by installing one EC-Smart-Vue with four integrated sensors – temperature (setpoint and fan speed), humidity, CO2, and motion

• EC-Smart-Vue is connected to the sub-network port of the controller, freeing up inputs for other applications

All EC-Smart-Vue Models:

• Industry leading and contemporary look appropriate for any environment

• Suitable for VAV, fan coil, roof top, heat pump, unit vent, and room control applications

• Feature the innovative ECO-Vue leaf pattern graphically indicating energy consumption in real-time to promote an occupant’s energy conscious behaviour

• Perform VAV air flow balancing without the aid of an onsite control technician

• Easily select the configuration options within the ECB-VAV and ECL-VAV Series’ pre-loaded applications

• Provide a local access point to the system with a built-in network port

• Daisy-chain up to 12 EC-Smart-Vue (with up to two EC-Smart-Vue with CO2 sensors) for applications where one controller serves multiple rooms

• Can also be used as a handheld tool during installation and commissioning


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