Altherma from Daikin

Daikin Europe has extended its Altherma heat pump heating and domestic hot water system with a new Monobloc version, which retains all the existing system advantages whilst simplifying installation.

Whereas the original Altherma system comprised an outdoor heat pump and an indoor hydro unit, the new Monobloc model contains both within the outdoor unit. Thus, all the main hydraulic components required for a heating system – circulating pump, expansion vessel, back up heater and built in Daikin controller – are located within the same enclosure. Installation is therefore considerably simplified without compromising the benefits of the original system.   

Since the entire refrigeration circuit is contained in the outdoor unit, no refrigerant piping needs to be installed, obviating the requirement for specialist handling of refrigerant and enabling the new system to be installed by any heating specialist. Installation time is thereby, reduced and installation costs are lowered right across the board.

A number of additional features are incorporated to ensure against freezing of the water circuit in the outdoor unit. This is accomplished by activating the system circulating pump and electric back up heater when outdoor temperatures are at or below freezing point.

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