Airflow increases range

Airflow’s range of air handling units with heat recovery has been further expanded with the introduction of the high performance Duplexvent 15000.
Designed for the energy efficient, comfort ventilation of schools, hospitals, restaurants, sports halls, shops and offices, the unit has a powerful air delivery of up to 15,000 m3/hr with low noise and low energy consumption.
Building operators benefit from installing a ventilation unit with a fresh, filtered air supply circulated throughout the work place improving the indoor climate and general well being of occupants and visitors alike.
On the extraction side a high efficiency, counterflow exchanger is built into the air handling unit so that up to 65% of what would have been the waste air exhausted to atmosphere by a more basic AHU, is recovered and re-used to warm the incoming fresh air. A significant advantage for specifiers and designers to consider as part of a buildings BREEAM assessment.
By extracting damp, humid air, condensation is eliminated.  Filters remove potentially harmful airborne pollutants and contaminants, odours and smells are greatly reduced. 

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