Airedale unveils TurboChill

Airedale has launched its most efficient chiller yet, the TurboChill air-cooled, high capacity chiller. Central to the design of the TurboChill and key to its superior performance, are revolutionary centrifugal Turbocor compressors optimised with a raft of cutting-edge components. Brilliantly engineered, using Airedale’s vast expertise in cooling technology, the TurboChill minimises environmental impact by lifting efficiency to new heights and pushing down sound levels.
The TurboChill’s seasonal efficiency ESEER values of up to 5.7 are virtually 50% higher than those of a traditional screw chiller and unparalleled for an air cooled chiller, greatly reducing operational costs and carbon emissions. The Turbocor compressor itself has an EER of up to 8.0 at part load.

The TurboChill’s intelligent, self-optimising compressors present near silent operation and allow ultra efficient variable speed control, thereby using substantially less power at part load and giving accurate setpoint control and exact capacity match. The TurboChill offers a modular capacity range of 500 – 1100kW and is optimised for R134a.

Featuring the very latest low speed sickle-bladed fans with EC motors, the TurboChill offers two sound ranges – Quiet (SQ) and Super Quiet (SSQ).

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