Airedale launches five integrative, high efficiency cooling solutions in as many months

Leading UK manufacturer of precision air conditioning and chillers, Airedale, has launched five highly efficient, latest technology, integrative new cooling solutions in as many months.


The DeltaChill FreeCool 150 – 450kW R410A chiller is testimony to Airedale’s industry-leading knowledge of free-cooling. Offering an ESEER* above 4.5.and up to 98%** free-cooling, the DeltaChill FreeCool combines cutting edge fans with microchannel coils to deliver one of the most efficient chillers on the market.


The 60kW InRak in-row cooling system is designed to fit in between server racks.  Efficient and resilient, it offers a DX/CW dual cool option, ‘plug and play’ connectivity and precise, variable cooling.


The 3-33kW OnRak rear door heat exchanger adds only 200mm to the depth of a server rack. This flexible system has an EER*** of up to 166 and over a year can achieve savings of up to 88% power input compared with a traditional airside unit with the same capacity.


Integral to Airedale’s new ECHO system is the ACE (Active Cabinet Exhaust) unit which sits on top of the server cabinet, with no loss of useable space. The ACE’s twin EC fans (N+1 up to 18kW per rack) precisely removes hot air by ducting it directly to an Airedale CRAC unit, in turn linked in the ECHO system with one or more Airedale free-cooling chillers. By varying the air volume, the ECHO system operates not only with air volumes 50% less than traditional cooling systems but much more efficiently and with elevated water temperatures that allow up to 95% free-cooling. 

The BluCube is an efficient, cost effective, compact 15 – 45kW R410A condensing unit with heat pump variant and variable capacity control, designed to be matched with a variety of industry standard air handling units.


* ESEER: European Seasonal Efficiency Ratio

** Cumulative hours, London, UK

*** EER: Energy Efficiency Ratio

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