AET develops Fantile technology

AET continues to develop their unique Fantile technology to meet current market requirements for energy efficiency products. The Fantile is a fan terminal unit that sits at the heart of the AET Flexible Space Underfloor Air Conditioning system. The plug and play unit is recessed into the floor plenum in place of a standard 600mm raised floor panel and supplies conditioned air into the work space.

Data Centres demand high levels of cooling in general, and in spot cooling in particular. The latest Fantile can provide up to 1500m3/h of cool air from a single unit which can serve the general area to minimise hot spots, or with specially selected grilles, direct air to selected points to maximise cooling in a specific machine or area. The same unit can be used to provide comfort cooling utilising floor plenum supply in offices and work places running at low speed and noise level.

Historically units were built with AC fans but with new EC fan technology high performance can be achieved with a noticeable reduction in electrical power. Single units can achieve in the region of 400-500m3/h operating extremely quietly.


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