Aereco’s intelligent approach

Despite what the industry may believe there is a viable alternative to heat recovery ventilation systems in dwellings and commercial buildings and it has been used successfully on the European continent for many years.

Aereco’s Demand Controlled Mechanical Extract Ventilation (DCV) passive stack system is humidity sensitive and offers nearly the same performance as an 80% heat recovery system – and at half the price. The technology satisfies all the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) and is also ideal for refurbishment projects as it can be easily retrofitted.

In BREG 2010 Part L, which comes into force in October 2010, the Government proposes a 25% improvement in energy efficiency standards for buildings, with new Part F ventilation standards to take account of higher air tightness standards

“Demand Controlled Ventilation is not a term that is heard extensively in the UK but the Aereco system is used in more than 2.9 million homes on the continent with no hint of problems,” says Aereco UK Sales Director Colin Hone who has 27 years experience of the building industry with 12 of those spent in the ventilation industry.

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