Adveco Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger Systems

Adveco is proud to announce the release of the new PPN and PPS Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger systems for commercial hot water applications.

Available in a standard range of models with heat transfer capacities from 100 to 600 kW, each system has been designed to provide an instantaneous (PPN) or semi-storage (PPS) supply of hot water to a building using the local LTHW system.

The PPN and PPS ranges feature a high quality gasketed single-wall stainless steel heat exchanger, mounted on a steel skid base and packaged with a single- or twin-headed primary circulation pump, a modulating 4-port valve and all controls, connecting pipework, and wiring.  The Adveco PPS range is additionally supplied with a secondary shunt pump, and is designed to operate alongside an Adveco hot water storage cylinder to provide an increased DHW capacity.

With working pressures and temperatures up to 10 bar and 99°C, the Adveco PPN and PPS systems are suitable for a wide range of applications.  All models are WRAS approved for use with potable water.

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