Advanced database software

Seaward Electronic has introduced a new test data management program that has been specially developed for use in conjunction with large corporate database systems.
PATGuard Elite SQL has been designed for users who require advanced database formats such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to hold workplace portable appliance (PAT) and electrical safety testing records. These systems allow very large databases to be created without response times being compromised.
Existing PATGuard test records can easily be incorporated into the new SQL format and the new program means that portable appliance test records can now be integrated into more comprehensive corporate databases and IT networks.
Designed for organisations and service companies that carry out electrical equipment and PAT tests on a regular basis, the extensive PATGuard Elite SQL program accommodates everything from downloading results for full test records, report and certificate printing, to email alerts for planning re-tests and uploading test criteria into PAT testers.
In addition, the new software also incorporates a number of features developed as part of the version 2 upgrade of the PATGuard series of programs.
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