Advanced air fan coils reduce carbon emissions

The highly energy efficient EPIC fan coil range from Advanced Air has specific fan powers (SFPs) as low as 0.2 W/l/s constant speed or 0.15 W/l/s on VAV models.  This highly efficient fan coil system has a unique fan deck arrangement where the large ec fans are mounted horizontally as opposed to vertically mounted fans that have been traditionally used in conventional ac fan coils for the past 50 years.

This new development means that much larger ec motors can be used, 250 watt compared to the existing 75 watt, on the vertically mounted fan.  With the use of a larger ec motor many duties can be covered by utilising a single fan as opposed to multiple decks giving much lower SFP at a lower cost.  Even on the largest units with cooling outputs of over 9kW only two fans are used compared to 5 fans on standard fan decks.  A section of this very large EPIC fan coil is shown with the 2 fans horizontally mounted.  As well as being energy efficient and a cost effective solution these larger fans running at lower speeds are much quieter and low NR levels can be achieved.  In fact on a recent project for media rooms Advanced Air achieved the criteria of NR20 for fan coils mounted in the corridors and NR25 for those mounted directly in the media rooms.

Advanced Air work closely with their motor supplier and design and manufacture their own fan decks.  This gives them total flexibility when requirements could dictate dimensional restrictions or actual performance issues.  When manufacturing your own fan deck as opposed to purchasing standard solutions from a third party development work can easily be undertaken and currently Advanced Air are working on a whole range of slimline units with heights as low as 165 mm, and some purpose-made units with even lower profile.

In conjunction with their motor supplier Advanced Air has developed a smart card which makes the fan unit pressure independent.  This means, for example, the fan will deliver the required air volume irrespective of downstream pressure.  In practice as the filter resistance increases the air volume would reduce, but with this smart card feature the motor automatically increases in speed to overcome the increased resistance and thus maintain constant air volume.  This feature also means that the fan coils can have air volumes preset and calibrated in the factory which minimises on site commissioning and fine trimming on each diffuser is all that is required to balance the system.

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