Adjustable socket boxes

Rehau has a new adjustable depth socket box for its PVC data cable management systems which complies with the strictest requirements of the top 10 data cable manufacturers.
The box meets the Cenelec revised requirements of EN50174 relating to clearance for termination points and the maintenance at all times of the Minimum Bend Radius.
The socket box has an adjustable rear component which can slide forward or back as required to set the required depth.  It uses a serration locking design which allows for a high degree of accuracy in both setting and adjustment.
Depending on the trunking type used, this can be between 38mm and 50mm which ensures there is always enough free space for feeding excess cable back into the trunking.
The concave shape of this rear component also cleverly eliminates right angles and corners from the back of the box making it easier for installers to feed any remaining extra cable out of the box without compromising the Minimum Bend Radius or risking damage to the external sheathing of the cable.

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