Adelie has landed

New from Thorn, unique in its styling, Adelie is a highly distinctive post top mounted luminaire. It combines a ring of 32 x 1.1W LEDs with a funnel shaped canopy to create a soft indirect light in parks and building surrounds.

Adelie is crafted from sandy grey aluminium with a white reflector to direct the cool light (5300K) down without glare.  The surface is Teflon-coated, to ensure that it remains both water and stain repellent (sealed to IP65).

The circular LED compartment has a ribbed base, with distinctive red decoration ring, to dissipate heat and prolong life (up to 50,000 hours). It is topped with a PMMA lens, inclined to allow water run off.

A dedicated 3m tapered aluminium column blends perfectly with the lantern continuing the design theme through column and lantern. The slim section control gear, pre-wired with 3.5m cable, is positioned in the column base to save depth and allow easy access.

It is these features that help the Adelie blend especially well with modern architectural styles. From a distance the lit shape is similar to a flying saucer that appears to hover in space.

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