Adding to the mix

Ahead of new legislation coming into force that requires commercial and public buildings to be energy rated like electrical appliances, Passivent has developed a solution that ticks all the boxes.
Developed in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric, the Passivent mixed mode system combines natural ventilation and comfort cooling in offices, shopping centres, schools and hospitals where there may be high internal heat gains and high expected levels of comfort.
Warm air naturally rises, creating a flow of cooler air into the space. The Passivent system controls that natural physical principle, using minimal energy, purely to regulate the flow. By drawing outside air into the building, the building is cooled 24/7, keeping internal temperatures comfortable when occupied, and removing unwanted heat when the building is empty. An intelligent controller constantly monitors internal temperatures, and air quality; when they vary outside preset levels, in exceptionally hot or cold weather, the controller triggers operation of the Mitsubishi air conditioning unit, purely to restore the preset internal temperature and CO2 levels.
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