ADCAS takes FETA route

The Association of Ductwork Contractors and Allied Services (ADCAS) is to join the Federation of Environmental Associations (FETA). As a result the UK ductwork industry will have an even louder voice in its fight for better training and fair practice.

FETA will provide a full secretarial and administrative service to ADCAS, which represents the majority of the UK industry – and is growing fast.

“We’re succeeding in attracting new members,” said ADCAS President Paul Roxburgh. “The Association has grown by over 10% in the past year alone. However, ductwork manufacture and installation is a multi-million pound industry whose members must have a say on the legislation and working practices that affect them.

“Membership of FETA and the ability to share experience with like-minded trade associations will give us a more direct route to Government Ministers and other top-level decision makers.”

ADCAS will retain its unique identity, while using the professional services of the FETA team to offer even better value to their members.

FETA Director General Cedric Sloan will act as Secretary of ADCAS. Clearly delighted with the result of talks between the two associations he offered ADCAS a warm welcome: “Ductwork is a vital discipline within the building services industry and offers a perfect synergy with our other members’ interests. ADCAS will bring new strength and a new viewpoint to FETA. In exchange we will offer our unrivalled network of contacts to help drive the ADCAS message home.”

It is anticipated that FETA will assume responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the ADCAS training programme. The Association provides specialist training at every level within the ductwork industry from apprentices to those already on the rungs of the management ladder.

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