Accessories make DALI easier

The new Tridonic generation of dimmable PCA ballasts are equipped with an integrated SMART interface for the range of pre-programmed plugs and the resulting combination SMART interface SMART plug makes it simple to provide different configurations, without the need for special controllers.

These SMART Plugs save a lot of time in configuring lighting systems. By plugging them into the control gear, predefined settings are transferred to the control gear without the need for any software.

SMART Plug Ma stands for the Maintenance function. Configuration settings for the ballast are stored on this plug. This plug stores all the parameters that are set on the ballast. The device parameters are constantly and automatically matched between the ballast and the SMART Plug during operation. If, for example, a ballast needs to be replaced the stored configuration settings can be transferred to the new ballast by inserting the SMART plug. There is then no need to waste time reconfiguring.

SMART Plug cF provides a simple means of configuring the corridorFUNCTION in combination with an external motion sensor.

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