ABB launches new guide

ABB Measurement Products has published a new beginner’s guide to combustion, providing a step-by-step process in achieving optimum combustion efficiency for any application using a combustion plant.

Poor control of the combustion process can lead to damage of a plant, such as soot formation or flue duct corrosion. If left unresolved, these can result in increasing maintenance expenditure and a reduction in the plant life cycle. Combustion optimisation can help operators improve process efficiency, reduce environmental impact and maintenance requirements.

Available free on request, the guide covers the key parameters that affect combustion performance, such as fuel flow rate, moisture content and composition; temperature; and pressure. It explains the importance of oxygen measurement in combustion and how this can be used to optimise the air/fuel ratio to reduce harmful emissions and improve efficiency.

The guide also highlights how the latest generation of MCERTified Zirconia oxygen sensors (ATEX/ IECEx) can be deployed to measure oxygen concentration, together with the advantages of using in-situ analysers over portable devices. Potential pitfalls are explained thoroughly with calculation examples and simplified equations.

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