A unique service

Getting KNX Certification is almost the equivalent of passing your driving test according to Ben Lewis who runs the company KNX Consultants which provides a range of independent consultancy and training services.

Ben’s second major role is to offer support to systems integrators when they undertake their initial installations and feel they need his experienced eye and depth of KNX knowledge to assist with any project. “It’s almost a mentoring role – and one from which both KNX UK members and non-members can benefit,” says Ben.

Further down the line, systems integrators may find that as their business grows, they need short term support on integration work when times are busy or to cover for staff shortages whilst looking to recruit new team members. At times like these, Ben can step into the breach and bridge the resource shortage.

In addition, KNX Consultants can also provide one day introductory KNX training courses on site at anyone’s premises using portable training rigs. Ben says: “It’s a great way to get a quick introduction to KNX for anyone, from systems integrators to end users – even those not yet using KNX but considering its potential for their business.”

Another aspect of their role is to sub-contract design activity whereby Ben and his team will provide a full project installation specification for a KNX system. This service can be particularly useful to systems integrators who specialise in other fields such as Custom AV Installation (such as CEDIA members) or interior architecture, but see the demand to include KNX capability within their portfolio.

When undertaking project activity, KNX Consultants concentrates its resources on the delivery of system design documentation and commissioning services, whilst leaving the procurement and delivery of the hardware implementation firmly in the domain of its client, the systems integrator. Most importantly, they are independent of any manufacturer and so any product recommendations are generic and are based on their suitability to fulfil specific requirements whilst taking client preference into account.

KNX Consultants’ ultimate objective, of course, is to help ensure that KNX systems delivered by its clients are of the highest standard and Ben’s services are helping the KNX community to grow by helping to build a pool of KNX people, trained to the highest standards.

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