A taste of the season

March 2006 saw the colourful opening of Cocone Kamifukuoka, a multi-use complex in Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Located north of Tokyo and situated directly in front of Kamifukuoka train station, Cocone Kamifukuoka offers a variety of services such as rental housing, shopping and medical facilities. Operated by the Urban Renaissance Agency, the complex’s convenience and friendly atmosphere is already proving quite popular with locals. A new, dynamic façade illumination has added to the area’s appeal.

The shopping centre’s façade, a five story construction that houses a large parking garage, features a colour changing illumination from 11 Martin Architectural Exterior 200 Long Barrel colour changing luminaires. The IP 65 rated fixtures, mounted with 12 degree lenses and spaced equally atop the structure, focus a narrow beam of seasonal shades vertically across the metal surface of the building, creating a captivating effect that livens up the entire area. The dynamic colour changing solution was supplied by Martin Professional Japan.

The lighting scheme was designed by Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. and features a selection of Martin LightJockey programmed scenes that change monthly. Colour changes (as short as every 0.1 seconds) communicate an original yet subtle story as neighbours and visitors alike experience a taste of the current season through the Martin fixtures.

Each lighting scene begins with a colour changing sequence followed by a static colour display for the first 15 minutes. Next comes a sequence that emulates train movement and finally static colour is again displayed to complete another 15 minutes. One scene lasts 30 minutes, and although the concept remains the same for all scenes, colours may change according to the time of year. For instance, a combination of red and white stripes welcomes the New Year in January when colour changes race up and down the façade. In June, a rain and thunder effect increases in intensity followed by a multi-coloured rainbow. In October, autumn leaves blow away, and in December a Christmas tree, together with shooting stars, welcome Santa Claus.

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