A step change is needed

JET Environmental is adding its voice to Government advisors who are calling for a step change in policies to reduce carbon emissions, and less reliance on market forces to achieve this objective. As part of this step-change, JET is urging Government to incentivise the UK’s big power users to adopt jet air induction technology more widely so that they can reduce energy consumption and help achieve the emission cuts demanded by Government and the Committee on Climate Change.  

In a progress report published in October, the Committee on Climate Change says emissions are falling at 0.5% per year, whereas 2-3% is needed to meet targets. The committee, chaired by Adair Turner, also wants more support for electric cars, a new scheme to encourage investment in clean coal technology and streamlined planning procedures for wind farms and nuclear reactors.

“We applaud and support the Committee’s calls for a step-change in Government policies, but think that a shift in emphasis is needed for UK industry to make a major difference” says JET’s Managing Director, Robert Simpson. “Far too much Government focus in the industrial sector is centred on how we generate power more efficiently rather than on strategies for energy saving which can reduce heating and cooling demand. Clearly, if we can reduce the demand then we make significant savings without the need to invest huge amounts of R&D spend into unproven technology. Let’s exploit the technology which we already have – incentivising the big consumers to adopt these types of solution can help get us most of the way to the answer.”

The vast majority of UK industry’s cooling requirements could be successfully met by using free fresh air ventilation. Likewise, more efficient use of heating in large manufacturing and storage spaces can substantially reduce demand on energy-guzzling mechanical systems. In both cases, jet air induction technology is a proven solution that could be more widely adopted to cut energy consumption and carbon emissions in line with Government targets.

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