A Quick Fix to Hospital Heating

The extensive range of heating options available from Andrews Boiler Hire fleet came into its own when a major London teaching hospital suffered a significant boiler breakdown. Following a site survey the perfect solution would have been a 100kW boiler, unfortunately restricted space for delivery and installation meant this was impractical. However with such a large hire fleet engineers from Andrews Sykes were quickly able to present a more practical solution, opting for the smallest, portable electric boiler.

Virtually on the evening to one of the biggest annual social events on the calendar of a London teaching hospital was thrown into doubt as the premises suffered complete boiler failure, with a lack of heating and hot water. An emergency call to Andrews Boiler Hire requested an urgent solution. The outcome was to supply five 22kW temporary electric boilers, delivered and installed discreetly out of hours, ensuring the London Teaching Hospital still had the required heating and hot water capacities, enabling the event to continue without guest ever knowing there was a problem.

When a boiler breaks down and loses effectiveness, critical buildings can be left without heating and hot water. The impact of not installing a temporary boiler unit could result in closure of the building until a new boiler replacement has been installed. As a leading hire organisation Andrews Sykes through its Boiler Hire division has available the widest range of electric, oil fired and natural gas boilers from 22kW to 1,500kW and can deliver and install equipment at short notice to cover any urgent contingency.

The 22kW electric boilers are an establishing unit within the Andrews Hire fleet. A fully portable, robust and compact unit they have proven themselves time and time again for delivering amazing reliability. Easily sited and installed, they can be quickly coupled to any existing heating and hot water system, either supporting or as a replacement to on-site boilers which are being to fail.


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