A pure ribbon of light

Zumtobel’s new SLOTLIGHT II range offers designers the opportunity to create continuous ribbons of pure, uniform light. A slim aluminium body is discrete and unobtrusive, putting the focus on the light rather than the luminaire.  Carefully designed reflectors and diffusers combine with overlapping T16 light sources to produce an unbroken line of light with no shadows or bright spots.
Available as individual units or continuous channel lighting, SLOTLIGHT II can be used for recessed, surface mounted or pendant lighting applications.
The range of possibilities offered by SLOTLIGHT II opens up a wealth of opportunities for architects, designers and facilities professionals. As well as, allowing straight line installations, SLOTLIGHT II can illuminate around corners with special mitred fittings providing a completely seamless 90 degree transition. This can be used to highlight room geometries, outline zones within a room and add emphasis to corner areas.
SLOTLIGHT II lighting concepts don’t have to be limited to interior spaces. Splash, dust and insect proof luminaries with IP54 protection mean that themes can carry through to exterior areas. IP54 luminaires also provide a robust and durable alternative for interior applications.

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