A prospector’s guide to spotlighting

The demand for an attractive, versatile and economic spotlight tailored to all display applications is fully met by the new range of Thorn Prospector luminaires.

Designed to harness the latest LED and ceramic metal halide lighting technologies the spotlights offer consistent contemporary styling, in a choice of silver grey or white. With a choice of four beam distributions and the option of track and pendant mounting, they are equally adapt at focussing tightly on individual displays, or washing large space with ambient light. The spotlight head rotates 365 degrees and tilts 90 degrees.

The LED option embodies Cree’s 12W light engine and innovative True White technology, a patented method of producing warm-white light (2700K) with superior colour rendering (CRI > 90). The LED is mounted at the focus of the reflector; thus its light is concentrated in a well controlled, near-parallel beam – like a shaft of sunlight. With these attributes, Prospector LED achieves the lighting level of a 35W low-voltage halogen reflector lamp for just a third of the energy consumption.



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