A patient approach

A care home for people with advanced dementia is giving some control back to elderly patients thanks to KNX intelligent building protocol provided by Electrak, a member of KNK UK.

Many of the residents are disoriented and have difficulty with locating the bathroom in the night or even identifying the light switch in their room. For some residents, the ideal solution would be to leave a light on in their room every night, but this would be a completely impractical solution. Instead it was decided to install a lighting control system that would ensure that lights came on when and where they were needed.

Buscom, a busbar hybrid from Electrak (part of the Legrand Group) was installed throughout the loft space. It was developed to meet the need for pre-fabrication and flexibility with overhead power and control distribution systems. As well as providing power it also provides signal bus distribution by means of its integral twisted pair communications control circuit.  This solution combines with the Lightrak lighting control system, which was used to control all the lights throughout the corridors, residents’ rooms, communal areas and staff areas.


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