A new hot water solution

Nu-way has launched the combined EcoFlex wood pellet boiler and solar panel renewable heating and hot water solution aimed at the domestic oil fired boiler market.

Suitable for new build, replacement and self build use, the company says the EcoFlex system is cost effective, easy to install and highly efficient in operation, having been designed to provide total heating and domestic hot water 365 days per year.
Nu-way’s EcoFlex system comprises a 20kW nominal output wood pellet boiler, a 400 litre fuel storage hopper and conveyor, a 300 or 400 litre stainless steel EcoIntegrator thermal store and mains hot water unit, plus a three port motorised mixing valve and head.  Completing the package is the EcoSol, a 4m², high efficiency, evacuated tube solar collection unit, including installation kit and controller.
The company says the running costs for the system are equal to, or even less than that of traditional oil fuel.  It is capable of burning either 6mm or 8mm wood pellets and can be used with panel or underfloor heating systems.  An intelligent weather compensation control is fitted as standard.

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