A new concept from Steinel

A new concept in floodlights, XLed from Steinel (UK) Limited combines a perfect combination of sensor and LED technology to provide instant, bright white illumination. Extremely energy efficient, the electronically controlled LED’s utilised in XLed use only one third of the energy consumed by conventional halogen floodlights, without any sacrifice in performance. Maintenance is also kept to a minimum by the 50,000 hour life of the LED’s.  
XLed is available with either ten 3W or twenty five 3W LED versions, XLed10 and XLed25 respectively, both of which incorporate a specially designed cooling system ATC (Active-Thermo-Control). The flat design, aluminium light head can be swivelled through 270° and has a 200° tilting range, providing unique directional flexibility for the user and the opportunity to create fascinating lighting effects. For security purposes, an integrated motion detector provides 240° all-round coverage over a distance of 12 metres.
The XLed-FE10 and XLed-FE25 are wireless receiver versions, making them inter-connectable with Steinel’s new Impulser System, allowing the sensors to be placed away from the XLed’s.

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