A heat pump for all seasons

In combining a high efficiency reverse-cycle heat pump with PTC (positive temperature coefficient) ceramic heaters, Powrmatic’s Climapac packaged twin-duct units are able to provide effective space heating even at sub-zero temperatures.

They also feature a built-in evaporator and condenser, eliminating the need for an external unit and associated refrigerant pipework.

Designed for high wall mounting, Climapac units provide up to 3.86kW of heating when the heat pump and PTC heaters are used in unison, and have a cooling capacity of 2.38kW. They are fully remote controlled with temperature and timer options. A subtle LCD display is conveniently located on the lower front panel.

Climapac units are designed for high wall mounting on an external wall, with a discreet connection through the wall to the outside. Thanks to their distinctive polished black finish and ‘speaker style’ heaters they have a modern appearance that will enhance a wide range of decors.



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