A fast and safe solution

Draka has taken the major step of rebranding one of its most popular cost-cutting fixed installation cables to more fully describe its key contractor benefits and differentiate it from inferior quality cables on the market.  From today, the Saffire YY OHLS cable is renamed as Saffire Swiftfit.

Saffire Swiftfit is a OHLS (halogen-free, low smoke) flexible cable designed for fixed installation in cable baskets within buildings. It is renowned among contractors for the ease and speed in which it can be laid straight into a cable tray, where it will stay flat, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming fixings. This differs significantly from cables that retain drum-memory, which causes it to splay out of the tray, unless dressed and cable-tied every metre or so. 

Discussions with contractors that have switched to Saffire Swiftfit indicate clearly that the Draka cable can take as little as a fifth of the time to install. This cost saving far offsets the material purchase price difference between Saffire Swiftfit and the cables frequently used for this type of application that are usually halogen free, flat twin and earth cables.  


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