A drying solution that delivers landfill cost reductions, operational savings and is RHI compliant… what more could you want from a Drier?

Need a way to dry material to reduce the weight and volume going to landfill? Want to claim RHI payments by using waste heat?  Want to dry an unusual product that’s light or non-free-flowing? The Perry of Oakley Belt Drier allows you to do exactly that & more.

In the last 12 months the Belt Drier has delivered significant results by drying product quickly and efficiently, plus also reducing running costs and operating man hours due to its continuous flow process as opposed to batch systems.

Perry of Oakley Ltd have seen a wide range of applications for their Belt Driers, including drying woodchip, digestate, grass, refuse and paper pulp across the UK and internationally. Traditionally drying some of these materials has been achieved by rotary drum driers, however this method has many disadvantages, including:

  • High risk of fire due to the average operating temperature of 426°C (800°F).
  • Balling up of products.
  • Potentially volatile emissions which may require additional permits.
  • Not suited for heat recovery due to their higher operating temperature.

The Perry Belt Drier overcomes these issues whilst being more economically efficient due to the lower operating temperature and providing the opportunity to recover waste heat. The Perry Belt Drier is ideally suited to drying almost any non-free flowing product or more granular products that require a lower throughput capacity.

The Perry Belt Drier has an all galvanised construction and is built with a modular design, allowing for machine extensions at a later date if required. There are no louvres or perforations to become blocked, providing consistent air-flow. Because the air is drawn down through the product bed it means there is minimal product lift to contend with, making it suitable for drying light products such as straw and saw-dust.

Perry of Oakley Ltd are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling & drying equipment. They manufacture a complete range of handling equipment to feed and discharge their Belt Driers, including: store conveyors, bucket elevators, augers & much more. Perry are able to offer full turn-key solutions for industries ranging from farms to feed/flaking mills, biomass and industrial applications. Their handling, storage and drying equipment is available in capacities ranging from 8tph to 800tph.

This year marks the 70th anniversary for the company. They have just been recognised by SHAPA as “Exporter of the Year” and have been named as one of the top 100 SME’s in the UK. All of the Perry machines are manufactured in their factory based in the South West of the UK.

To find out why the Perry Belt Drier is the drying solution you are looking for call now on +44 (0)1404 890300 or visit their website www.perrybiomassengineering.co.uk

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