A cleverly networked system

New from Tridonic is the basicDIM RCL, a cleverly networked lighting management system for control in single rooms that can achieve energy savings of up to 80%. basicDIM RCL is a digital control module for use with up to 25 DSI ballasts that controls the lighting levels on the basis of ambient light and presence.

Utilising up to four smartDIM sensors, Tridonic’s basicDIM RCL electronic ballasts can be regulated via ambient light and automatically switched off by means of motion or presence detection. Up to 20 basicDIM RCL units can be linked together via the dedicated Link Line to extend the presence detection area and the system also takes into account the decreasing light output of lamps with age and dirt in the luminaire. Desired daylight values can be disabled and therefore protected against unintentional change.

The basicDIM RC lighting control devices can be installed in the luminaire or mounted externally with cable clamps. A rotary switch provides 16 predefined profiles and the required level of daylight is easily fixed with the aid of a removable jumper.      


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