A blow to poor performance

A critical part of maintaining optimum steam boiler performance is blowdown but, unless it is managed efficiently, blowdown can also be a major contributor to loss of valuable heat energy and chemically treated boilerwater. The new MPA 46 from Flowserve Gestra is a straight-through rapid action intermittent blowdown valve that incorporates a number of design features to help reduce energy loss as well as offering improved reliability and ease of maintenance.
To mimimise internal wear the valve is fitted with a radial stage nozzle downstream of the valve seat together with an improved arrangement of valve seals on the low pressure side.

The MPA 46 is operated by means of a direct acting integral diaphragm compressed air or pressurised water actuator. The configuration avoids the need for complex linkages to ensure precise control, faster response times and greater reliability.

The valve features a large cross-sectional area of the orifice that creates a suction effect when the valve is opened, thus providing a short-term high water flow that aids the rapid and effective discharge of harmful sludge and sediment, but with a minimal loss of heat energy.

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