3D imaging from Fluke

Fluke now includes free with all Thermal Imagers a new, easier-to-use, version of its SmartView software, featuring the first 3D imaging capability in the industry and new options for optimising and organising thermal images and creating professional reports, as well as a valuable, in-depth training programme.
The latest Fluke thermal imagers, including the Fluke Ti25, Fluke Ti10, Fluke TiR1 and Fluke TiR, deliver more durability and performance at a lower price than ever before, bringing the benefits of thermography to the toolboxes of everyday technicians and contractors across a wide range of industries.
The two and a half hour training package on DVD, valued at £250, includes step-by-step instructions covering both the theory and practice of thermal imaging.  It is designed to help new owners get the most from their thermal imagers, as well as to refresh experienced users of the technology and to serve as a valuable, ongoing training tool. Sections include ‘Introduction to Thermography’, ‘Benefits of Thermal Imaging’, ‘Thermography Fundamentals’, and an Emissivity Table and FOV Calculator.  Instructions are also included for setting up and operating the Fluke Ti10, Ti25, TiR and TiR1 Thermal Imagers.

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